Welcome to Stall Wetzlgut

Having successfully competed from international Junior & Young Rider level up to Grand Prix and worked as a professional rider since now almost 15 years, our main focus when building our own stable was to create a place that would provide the best facilities for me to train/school client’s horses from Young horse to Grand Prix.
My philosophy is, that modern sports horses are highly developed athletes who need and deserve not only the best individual training possible, but also best individual care, love and a place where they can feel safe and at home.
Competition results and successes as well as happy customers over these last years in Stall Wetzlgut seem to prove us right, and are my daily motivation to even work harder.
Our facilities:
  • 9 boxes / stables (from 4 x 4m to 6 x 4m with outside window and contact to the other horses (stallion approved), insulated and well-aerated, rubber flooring, temperate drinkers)
  • all stables have camera surveillance
  • indoors 20 x 60m (sand/wood chips)
  • outdoor ‘alpine’ circuit 2km (sand/wood chips)
  • summer meadows for turnout
  • 5 all-weather sand paddocks
  • Grooming box with infrared solarium, hot/cold water, thermal water, rubber flooring
  • Grooming and farrier stand with infrared solarium
  • Tack room
  • Guest flat for client’s
We are offering:
1. individual training plan in accordance to client’s wishes
  • training/schooling
  • competitions, shows and presentations
  • long term and short term management for competition horses & stallions (including external trainers & experts, clinics participation, etc.)

2. 24/7 individual care

  • 7 days, all day care
  • 5 all-weather sand paddocks
  • turnout (meadows only in summer -as it is the skiing slope in winter)
  • Alpine round circuit (up and down hill to train coordination and strength)
  • leisure time program from hacking out to work in hand, groundwork, grazing, etc
  • Infrared solarium
  • Thermal water treatment
  • Cryotherapy
  • Ultrasound treatment
  • Repuls treatment
  • various treatment rugs from Activomed to Accupressure

3. Specials upon client’s request

  • Physiotherapy
  • Chiropractic
  • Acupuncture
  • Equine nutritionist

4. Prices (valid 2020/21)

  • 24/7 training per month including everything mentioned above, excluding competitions, shows, presentations, clinics’ fees

€ 490,-

  • stabling & care per month including everything mentioned above, excluding vet, farrier, special treatments (physio, chiropractic, etc) or special feeds and supplements

€ 550,-

Stall Wetzlgut in pics