Looking back, looking forward

I am very proud to start the New Year with the launch of my website so I have the opportunity to wish you all a very happy year 2017 with your 4legged friends, lots of fun and fooling around, tons of carots and apples and slobber mash and of course many successful shows!
When starting a new year I always have loads of plans and new ideas, exciting projects and most important the 2017 competition schedule. I am sometimes so caught up in planning ahead that I tend to forget to take a little pause, look back and appreciate what already has happened.
2016 was an extraordinary year for me. After my nearly 3-years break from competing which I spend in fashion business, 2016 was a new beginning.
Keksi and me started competing in March and only after our 3rd show we qualified for International competitions small tour level (Prix St. Georges and Intermediate I), our fifth show was the CDI Hagen in Germany, where the renowned family Kasselmann hosts one of the most beautiful horse shows in Europe.
Throughout this season we scored almost 70% in Intermediate I and brought home many successes, which makes me especially proud as I schooled Keksi mostly on my own up to this level and as he already ‘worked’ as a breeding stallion the first competitions have been quite a challenge for him (and for me) with all these beautiful distractions.
Now we worked towards Grand Prix level over winter and will see how things work out. Our first show will be the qualificatons for international competitions in February.
For everyone who follows me on instagram and/or facebook Eddy still will be very familiar. This supercute giant Hanoverian gelding who stayed with me for training and did a few very nice young horses tests 2016 –although I had the feeling he did not show his real potential due to this sweet but sometimes bit introverted character. Beginning of September 2016 Eddy found his new loving family and home in Upper-Austria. I still miss this always friendly always in the mood to play chestnut baby…
October turned out to be superexciting. On my search for a young horse in Germany I came across this stunning 4yo licensed stallion at the Sprehe stud and to my utmost surprise beginning of November he really became the newest member of the Baur family and Wetzlgut stable. You all know Beaufort –Bofi meanwhile inside out. His cute character, his party tricks (smile for sugar etc) but also his huge talent and stunning looks. For me it feels still like in a dream and I cannot wait to see what 2017 will hold for us…
Via Instagram and Facebook I met so many exciting, lovely equestrians from all around the world. Some I already met in person, during competitions or some came to visit us in the mountains.
So I am very excited about all upcoming new projects and sponsors, especially this website which will give me the opportunity to show not only ‘Behind the Scenes/Stable doors’ on all the little secrets and tricks from grooming, stable management, tack etc but also answering all your questions and requests (so feel free to ask whatever you want know). And for sure there also will be lots of fun stuff with Keksi and co. as my boys daily come up with new funny ideas…
On the news section I will let you know about upcoming competitions, new horses and new projects and sponsors or just something exciting that I want to share with you –it will be just the little extra insight and info than you already have on Insta and FB 😉
Also every horse got his very own feature, as they are my treasures and I want to share not only the hard facts and successes with you but also our daily routines and fun!
So I hope you will enjoy this website as much as I already do and again: 2017 let’s ROCK N’ROLL!


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