Welcome: A tour of Stall Wetzlgut


A little picture tour of our Mountain based stables. We are based in the thermal wellness area and ski resort Bad Gastein in the Austrian alps.

I am lucky enough to have not only a 20×60 indoor riding arena, but also an indoors treadmill, outdoor paddock, all-year woodland hacking track and summer turnout facilities.
I am very proud that all facilities have been built out of our own wood (so the trees literally just transformed into the horse stable without leaving their origin, creating a natural and comforting atmosphere)
The stable accomodates 5 horses and 2 sheathes at the moment and it was my priority to have ammenities like a little horse spa with solarium, automatic dryer and the famous Gasteiner thermal water which is especially used to heal or prevent all strains of the joints and tendons and a hot shower to really pamper all athletes afterworks even in coldest winter.
So it is my dream come true to have my horses ‘at home’ and what I love most is seeing my horses first thing in the morning and doing my ‘good night’-tour, making sure everyone is fast asleep last thing before going to bed myself…


way up to the stable Nov 12631-009631-023631-029631-041631-105631-085631-093Stables inside2631-076631-070IMG_6023



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