How to stay warm without cramping my style

I was thinking a lot about my first post in STYLE but then the weather came in my way and so the decision was easy. img_0325

At the moment I am training at temperatures around -15C (actually it is less in the mornings) which is to be frank not my favourite weather condition. But it is all about motivation, and one of my biggest motivators is and always has been good & stylish tack, especially fashion.

For me one of the greatest findings this winter was Swedish functional wear brand UHIP, which does the perfect winter coats, jackets and skirts for riding. I chose model Alaska which is a navy slim fit long down coat, or in my second version a chocolate brown slim fit down jacket with matching skirt of the same material and colour.

The great thing about the UHIP items is that they not only keep you perfectly warm but also are the first overcoats which I can leave on for training the horses. The skirt or long coat can be fixed to your legs with straps so nothing will flap or fly and the jackets are yet slim fit (I do not like bulky cuts for riding) but still leave space to move and not feeling constrained. One great feature are the very long cut sleeves that will keep your hands warm. To add a fashionable detail model Alaska comes with a hoodie which always looks cute and also will keep your hair or helmet dry.

To celebrate this first STYLE post I’ve teamed up with UHIP to make sure that you too can stay warm with UHIP this winter at a special discounted price.

When checking out use the code nicola10% and you will get 10% off of your purchase

Be quick, the offer only lasts until January 29th 2017!



One thought on “How to stay warm without cramping my style

  1. What a good commentary! Thank you so much. Where I ride is cold but relative to you! Not too bad. I can’t stand coats except when I am still so I have fleece lined full bottoms and “under armor” (winter underwear)beneath top and light jacket. I often have to take jacket off. But I ride a bike to get to the barns and your coat would be great! Thank you for all you do!


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