Healthy athletes are happy athletes


You all know my Instagram hashtag #happyathlete. Besides working hard and happier, happy athletes is my utmost priority. img_1289

I really believe that it is possible to train sporthorses for competitions and shows and still have them living a happy, horsey life. The number one essential condition in order to achieve this is a perfect health.

So one of my biannual routines is, that my vet will come to our stable to check on all the horses (yes, including the Shetland ponies). As he knows me and my horses now since 7 years I do trust his advise entirely, so we will talk about every horse in detail, training progress, issues -if there are any -, general behaviour, checking the hoofs, coat, general condition etc.

Mainly we will do basic health care like wormers, vaccinations and most important: dental care to prevent any damages of the mucosa of the mouth caused by sharp edges of the teeth. Also we will check on the young horse’s teeth as they are changing from baby to permanent teeth and sometimes the caps will be loose but stuck and therefore need extraction.

Checking on the teeth is of utmost importance for me as I want my horses happy and soft on the bit without having any discomfort caused by sharp edges or hurting baby teeth.


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