PS of Sweden Spring 2017 exclusive preview

Temperatures below -10C who cares? If you receive the exclusive Spring 2017 pre-collection by PS of Sweden winter is over and Spring is a state of mind anyway -right?


Some days are better than others, and days that start with a PS of Sweden delivery are best. Especially when you receive the very special pale pink Monogram pre-spring 2017 collection.

I love the saddle pads by PS od Sweden, they are not only super stylish and very posh but also of perfect quality and fit. Perhaps we should briefly talk about what makes the perfect fit: It is very simple (explained) yet very difficult (executed). In my opinion the perfect saddle pad must not move, slip or wrinkle. The dressage version has to be cut long enough even for elongated saddle flaps. The material should be chic as well as washable, which means the pad should not shrink to pony size once washed nor change the colour nor loose the cord bands. If the material also happens to be dust-repellent and stain-resistant it is saddle pad heaven!img_2878

Although colour blocking is very hip at the moment I do love sets, so I was very happy that the pale pink Monogram saddle pad came with the matching polos. The criteria mentioned above for the ‘perfect’ pads are also true for polos and wraps and using my PS of Sweden tack on nearly daily basis I can do nothing less than love and recommend them.

Finally, shall we talk about the pale pink? Is there anything not to love about this colour? Not only is it one of my favourite ones (did you do that on purpose PS of Sweden?) because it goes with so many other colours but also even a stallion like Keksi can wear it -this just said because some of you asked if Keksi would be ‘man/stallion’ enough to wear pink 😉 I am kidding (sort of) the truth is: it is Spring 2017 – welcome to the future!


4 thoughts on “PS of Sweden Spring 2017 exclusive preview

  1. Harmonoiys and stylish – Suits good for Black but also white. When to pre order these ? What are your clothes? Lovely the capuccino on breech colour.


    • Thank you ❤ you can order it in about 2 weeks 😉 The breeches are winter thermos by Pikeur, boots by Königs and the hoodie is Superdry 💗💗💗


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