Q & A’s part 1: How I feed my horses

In the first part of answering all of your questions in detail it is all about one of my favourite topics: horse feed.

I thought it would be fun not only to explain how I feed my horses but actually to show you, so I did this little YouTube video which I hope you will like.

VIDEO How I feed my horses

As I have said in the video, here are some details on the different Pavo mueslis that I feed. I especially like them because they not only consist of high quality cereals but also lots of fibres, dried carrots, herbs and all kind of minerals & vitamins that will help keep our athletes healthy and happy.


Pavo Sportsfit which I feed in times of training, at competitions or if more energy is needed.


Pavo Care4life a low energy high in fibres and herbs mix, ideal for leisure days or also horses that are fuzzy eaters because it smells delicious (I have not tasted it myself but my horses love it)


Pavo Slobber Mash is a mix of bran and linseed and a bit of corn. Ideal to maintain the health of the digestive system. We let it draw for a few hours and serve it luke warm.


Succulent feed is important and my boys love apples most.


carrots are not only a treat but part of the lunch -Sookie loves carrots too so she wanted to be in the picture


supplements I feed at the moment: linseed oil, Pavo MultiVit15, Pavo E’lyte and some Chondroitin-MSM-Glucosamine mix for Bofi’s joints and tendons


and always loads and loads of perfect quality hay


2 thoughts on “Q & A’s part 1: How I feed my horses

  1. very interesting video! I only have a question what is the reason that you feed you horses only Muesli and not cubes?

    best regards Marleen from Holland


    • Hi Marleen,
      thank you!
      It is because my vet told me, that feeding muesli (especially ones like mine with a lot of roughage in it) are better for horses who have to cope a lot with stress, like traveling, competitions, stallions, etc
      Also in the way I do it, I can control quite exactly the energy level that the horses need
      x nicola


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