Evolution of equestrian equipment

2017 seems to be the year of firsts for me, perhaps it is even social media that broadens the view and opens the mind for new developments…


Since now almost 10 years I had SPIRIG saddles, which I love. Nevertheless I have heard and seen so much about Custom Saddles and when a friend of mine got her two new saddles and was just over the top in love with them I contacted the Austrian fitter.

Like all traditional saddle manufacturers Custom Saddles are completely made-to-measure, so the saddle would fit not only the horse’s but also the rider’s measures and needs. The trees are wood-spring and the panels are super broad (which is the best for the horse’s back) and not only flocked with wool but also with a memory foam which gives a soft finish and perfect fit. Everything else is totally adjustable.

The thing I loved most is that there are so many different models and the fitter -in my case Austrian Nina Höller who runs the company ‘Die Reitmanufaktur’ -will examine exactly your needs, take the horses measures and then let you try all kind of different types of saddles directly on your horse. In this way you can really find out which model is your favourite.

In my case it was the ‘Wolfgang omni 2 monoflap’. As the model I have tried out fitted so perfectly on Bofi, Nina Höller even left it for trial with me, which is more than outstanding service!

While talking shop and chatting about our horses we also came to the topic that my stallions, especially Keksi and Bofi do not like it too much when the girth is fastened. Although we do it very cautiously they will always make an angry face. I know this may seem ridiculous, but I like my horses happy and I like them to enjoy their ‘job’ so I am examining every little gesture to see if they are happy athletes indeed. Telling this to Nina she gave this Stübben Equi-Soft saddle girth to me, which is described by the company as follows:img_3954

‘The sophisticated and exclusive system made of elastic strips allows a perfect girth-pressure-distribution. As a direct consequence, the horse’s complaints when being girthed are reduced significantly. It’s special design allows the horse to expand its chest when needed during exercise. The elastic rings expand and contract with the rib cage, maintaining a uniform tension. A comparative study of various girths certifies: All horses, without exception, maintained lower heart rates when using the Equi-Soft-girth.’


I had it only on since a week now, but without exaggerating my boys definitely prefer this New Age girth to our traditional ones. I will test it further and keep you updated 😉

3 thoughts on “Evolution of equestrian equipment

  1. Very entertaining and informative reading 😊 Love the inside look on the stable life and to meet both you and the horses so personally 😄


  2. I came across this Stübben girth a few months ago when I was looking for a saddle to fit my Lusitano. I loved the idea that it automatically disperses the tension more evenly and allowed for chest expansion. I never like seeing any skin bunching up under a girth, even when it isn’t too tight, but if there is no give and is only adjustable at two points, there are bound to be areas with uneven tension. It also makes sense that you don’t need a girth tightened so much that you can’t tighten it any more when you have a saddle that properly fits the horse. I would think that a well fitted saddle with a girth like this won’t move at all. I can’t be the only one that has gotten off at the end of a ride to find the girth looser than I would have liked 😲, for whatever reason, but the saddle didn’t slip and essentially never moved during the ride (and thank goodness for good balance!). So, I’d much rather ride with this Stübben girth where the horse can breath and move more freely.

    I’m out of the saddle at the moment dealing with health issues but when I come back, hopefully soon, I hope to be able to try this girth as well. My horse’s comfort is my number one priority and I know this is the case for many horse’s, but as the owner of a Lusitano I can speak to the fact that this breed will walk through fire for you. They are the biggest troopers who rarely complain and because of this I believe they will often just work through small discomforts. So, I think it’s important, with any horse, not to blow things out of proportion but to pay attention to nuances so we don’t miss little indications that something is off.

    I look forward to seeing your update on this girth and your saddles. Thanks for sharing your experiences!


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