Silver surfer Friday

Usually I am not too much into bling bling and glittery stuff, but when I received this BR Equestrian Equipment and ANKY parcel I was in love.


Keksi got this very new ANKY collection saddle pad which has therapeutic airflow panels providing an even distribution of pressure and an perforated (mesh) spine in order to guarantee the airflow. Also it features, like in the collections before, the sticky ANKY logo so your saddlepad will not slip (which was a bit the problem of the first generation’s pads).

As Keksi at the moment has a training’s pause the silver BR Equestrian air tech tendon and fetlock boots came very handy. Because I really wanted to support his tendons, I did some extra bandages underneath (a trick I learned from the Polo players). To complete the sparkly silver look we added our really blingbling ANKY overreach boots.

I got the BR ‘Monroe’ riding breeches in black with full microfiber seat, that features some very nice and sparkly details too. I loved the backside pockets and most of all the great fit.

The silver ANKY sporty chic jacket -not my words but the actual name of this ultra light weight, material mix jacket with a beautiful slim fit, is just perfect for training at these milder temperatures. The front is done like a windbreaker and the sleeves and back are made of very comfy, stretchy ribbed cotton.

But the one thing you will need to really complete this whole look and add the last bit of extraterrestrial silver glamour are the BR Equestrian sparkle shiny snakeprint gloves!


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