Artist in the spotlight: Stephanie Morgera aka

I met Stephanie via Instagram and meanwhile she has created several artworks of Keksi & Co. Because I love her work I wanted you to get to know her too


When I asked Stephanie that I would love to feature her and to send over some facts and details about her, she sent ‘her story’. As many true artists she is very humble about herself so I wanted to give her own words, because I felt it would reflect her personality best.

This is what she wrote:

Everytime I go to write something I feel it doesn’t sound correct as language and writing was never my strength, my strength in my school years was always art of course.

So a bit about me: my name is Stephanie Morgera, I’m 31 years old, born and living in the smallest state in the USA called Rhode Island, I started drawing when I was in grade school and quickly developed a passion for drawing horses and I do believe they are the most stunning and fun animals to draw. I constantly drew horses till I was 18 then I took about a ten year break focusing on other passions, in 2012 soon after I got my Timmy I started drawing again and have not stopped, I guess dreaming the same dream you will always find yourself back at it. Also I guess what I’m trying to say is it’s very important to have passion behind a skill, I developed my drawing skills not for the sake of getting better and being perfect, the skills develop on their own because I could not stop, drawing horses to me is like breathing

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