New Sponsor!!!



I am super happy and very proud to be sponsored by Back on Track for the 2017 competition season!

As all my sponsoring & supporting companies Back on Track is a brand I love and use on my horses since years. You all know me by now and you know that I am always looking for further ways to enhance the wellbeing of my horses and with Back on Track I found a company not only providing this but also super stylish equipment that would last.

So this is a big ‘Thank You’ to Back on Track for believing in and supporting me!

2 thoughts on “New Sponsor!!!

  1. How much horses do you have and are they all of youre own or also from other people and would you show us on your YouTube Channel you hole stable inside and outside


    • Under menu ‘horses’ you’ll find all the horses currently in my stable. If you go to menu BTS (behind the stable doors) you’ll find a picture tour of the stables inside as well as from the outside. There’s also a link to my YouTube channel providing a video answering a huge Q&A we did again showing the stables and everything! ❤️Nicola


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