A love story

Those who follow me on Insta, Facebook or this  website will know Conny, Cornelis -Keksi’s half-brother well. This cute chestnut with whom I fell in love with when he was 2yo was a bit of my ‘headache horse’ as he from the beginning always struggled with some tiny health issues and was finally diagnosed of a minor kidney malfunction that would not harm him but ended his sport horse career about one and a half years ago. As you can imagine I was devastated but swore that Conny would have the most wonderful and happy life possible.

Right at the time when I had finalised all planning to build an open stable complex that would allow him to live together with Dondolo out in the fields, I took him for a last time of spa and treatments to Vienna. And right there it happened that ‘my’ Conny fell in love… Bernadette who had seen him a few times before and loved him right away came by to say ‘hello’ and when she entered his box he only had eyes for her. He laid his head onto her shoulder and nibbled her shawl and me -I was standing next to them and instantly new that they belonged together. So I did the one thing left to do, I gathered his passport, bridle & halter, hid my tears and gave it to a very speechless, very surprised and totally overwhelmed Bernadette.

And that’s the whole story, sometimes everything falls in place and whenever I see pictures of the two of them, I know I kept my promise to  provide him the most beautiful & happy life. (…and also he is not too far away, so I can visit them occasionally…)


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