8 things you wanted to know about Back on Track


I love my Back on Track equipment and as you had many questions on how the special ceramic material works, how to use Back on Track products, etc etc here come the 8 most frequently asked questions:

1.) What is special about Back on Track products?

Back on Track has a product range that works with infrared heat reflection technology. Through scientific medical knowledge along with advanced textile production methods we have created a ceramic infused wellness textile called Welltex.

The Welltex fabric contains ceramic particles that have the ability to reflect body heat in the form of infrared heat radiation. Infrared radiation is a known energy form used to increase well-being and generate a favourable effect for muscle and joints. The reflected heat helps to reduce muscle tension, promoting blood circulation so that the recovery process from injury and strain may improve.


2.) How should the products be taken into use and what should be considered?

The use of Back on Track products should be built up gradually. For the first 2-3 days the product may be used up to 4 hours (preliminary phase). After this, the usage time should be increased to at least 8 hours or longer.

»    It is not recommended to use Back on Track products simultaneously with ointments/ liniments.

»    When used within therapy, always consult with your  veterinarian.


3.) Are the Quickwraps/Stable boots suitable to be used in the field or paddock?

IMG_8221The stable boots are only suitable for use in resting phases, in the stable or during transport. Compared to the tight fitted work boots, the stable boots will stay on the horse’s leg for a longer time (e.g. overnight) and are therefore not too tight fitted around the leg.

Due to it’s looser fit, it is not recommend to use the stable boots in the field or paddock to eliminate the risk of the stable boot to slide down in active movement.

For field/paddock usage it is recommended to use the Back on Track Work Boots, Work boots with Shockabsorbing pad, 3D Mesh Boots or the Royal Tendon Boots.



4.) What is to be considered with injuries or deceases?

In case the Back on Track products are used in combination with therapy or special treatments, always consult with your  veterinarian.


5.) Are the products considered as doping?

The products work on the natural basis of its own generated heat; therefore, the products are at no risk being identified as doping.


6.) Is there any additional development in the products to generate heat?

No external heat has been added into the products. The result is consistent, soothing warmth exclusively created by reflection of the heat from the body.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 14.48.29

7.) How can the products be washed?

The products can be machine washed at 30°C with a mild detergent. It is important to not use fabric softener or bleach.

The products should not be tumble dried or ironed above 50°C.

8.) Are there any side effects?

The products do not have any side effects. In the first few days, however, a strong effect may occur. The best course of action is to remove the product and in the following days gradually increase the time of usage again.


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