Get to know my sponsors -part 1: K9 HORSE horsecare

Bofi trot Weikersdorf
In this series I want to present my sponsors and favourite brands to you, to give you a little insight about the companies and persons behind it and their visions.

This first part features Swedish horsecare brand K9 HORSE and it’s founders & owners Christer Johansson, Erik Johansson and Ylva Reynols. I really love their product range from shampoo to conditioner that I also love to use on myself. As well as all their mane and tail care sprays that we use on daily basis and for competitions.

1.How did you come to build a company for horse (animal) care products? What drives you? Are you a rider yourself? Did you use other horse care products before?

In the beginning of 1970, our family owned business started out by developing, producing and marketing a range of hygienic skin and hair care products for humans.  Due to a lifetime of family loved dogs and cats, as well as those members of the family that love horses, we began to use the human products on our pets and the results were stunning.

It was first in the early 1990 that we started to sell pet products. 2011 we developed K9 HORSE after people asking for high quality products for horses. Trial packets were distributed to horse breeders and owners in Sweden with exceptional results. However, it is the endorsement from a highly respected, successful and trusted Arabian horse trainer and breeder in Arizona that gave us the “leg up” to start marketing the brand.

What drives us? It’s simply the love and care for the animals well-being.


2. What ingredients do you use (organic or not? animal tested? etc)

All of the ingredients comes from nature however they ate processed on a chemical way so to state that it’s all nature the answer to that is both yes and no.

All products are tested on ourselves, if you can’t use it your self you can’t use it on your pet.

3. What is your company policy on environment, etc.?

We have a strict environment policy with a closed production system with no emissions.

4. What are your plans for the future? Are there new products planned? Perhaps create also a ‘riders line’?

There is a lot of new products in the pipeline and we can’t reveal that now, that would our competitors love. One thing is for sure K9 HORSE will make a significant impact on the horse world.

If you want to learn more about K9 HORSE please visit their website which I have linked


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