Get to know my sponsors & favourite brands part 2: Accuhorsemat

IMG_4995The second part of this series is about a company I am very happy to have found and now to be able to collaborate with as I use their product as daily routine on my horses as myself and meanwhile even take it with me where ever we travel. It is the acupressure blanket for horses by Accuhorsemat and the same product as mat for humans called Acuswedemat. This is what the company’s founder Max Hoffmann told me about his brand and product:


Who founded Accuhorsemat/Acuswedemat (who stands behind the brand) and why (what drives you)?
Accuhorsemat started in 2011 in Sweden by Max Hoffmann with the ambition to find an all natural equine therapy product based on pure acupressure. No batteries or electricity was in our plans. Together with well known equitherapists and riders within various disciplines we developed the Accuhorsemat. Before we got the Accuhorsemat out on the market we tested different solutions, weights etc in a clinic outside Stockholm for almost a year so we would get the exact right effect on the horses as we wanted.

What is the company’s philosophy?
We are a small company but our ambition is to grow and corresponding to our vision ┬┤make every horse in the world to feel better┬┤.
The most debated topic of today is the horses well-being and we will continue with our development and researches to meet that demand. The same goes for all horse riders out there. Through our new acupressure mat for riders – the Acuswedemat– we will work also for the riders well being. Accuhorsemat works from an evidence-based standpoint and we have co-operated with equitherapists, veterinarians and chiropractors when developing the products. We have done Infrared Imaging studies in cooperation with veterinarians and chiropractors in the U.S. The Accuhorsemat and the Acuswedemat is recommended by vets in a rehabilitation purpose f.e.

What materials & technology do you use and how do you test it? What is your policy concerning environment and recyclable materials?
The mats are made of neoprene and the acupressure roses are made of plastic. Both materials holds the EU standard for environmental friendly/recyclable materials.
We constantly try to find ways to improve our products and we work very tight with both riders and our factories.

What are your plans & goals for the future? Are there new products planned?
We have some exciting cooperations going on that will soon be announced that goes according to our plans. We have some new products that will be out on the market by the end of this year we hope.
The future looks good and we are very happy to be able to work with something that we believe in and love.
acuswedmat detailIMG_5827IMG_4926IMG_5019acuswedmat relaxAkupressurmatte detailIMG_6404



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