UHIP Photoshoot


You all know that I love the Swedish functional wear brand uhip, so I felt very honoured when they asked me if I could model for the campaign of their newest project.

Uhip is expanding to Russia and will open on November 26 a showroom in one of Moscow’s most exclusive equestrian facilities.

The aim of the photoshoot was to capture some winter vibes, so our place was just perfect. Even more so when it started to snow… The locations were my stables and also one of the most beautiful places in Bad Gastein, called Sportgastein. It is a plateau 2.000m above sea level and a national park and I love it so much as in my world it looks like the Scottish Highlands -especially in late autumn.

It indeed was freezing cold and I was so grateful for all the winter jackets and coats *lol but I really love what Max Steinbauer (the photographer) created on this day.

I have for you some exclusive (not yet published) campaign pics, but also lots of making of and behind the scenes and I hope you like them as much as I do…

For even more pics please look at uhip.se and on the Instagram accounts

@uhipwear and @uhipwear_russia




…and some BTS ❤




Denim -finally


I love fashion but I confess that I am rather picky. My fashion must be chic, sleek, cool, definitely 99% free of bling and if possible not totally mainstream. When it comes to riding fashion this is something not so easily found especially if you add attributes like functional, durable, washable, etc.

As I love denim I thought it would be so cool to have denim breeches, jackets or even shirts for riding but although there are several companies on the market producing denim riding wear I did not manage to find the ‘ultimate’ denim piece.

Then one day somehow this small Hamburg based label popped up and I immediately loved the vibes the website spread and this is how my lovestory with Kudamono started ❤

Kudamono, was founded 2 years ago by Nele Obst (Obst means ‘fruit’ in German and Kudamono means ‘fruit’ in Japanese -just to explain the unusual name…) who, herself a rider and having worked for fashion label Marc O’Polo, was searching for a sleek approach to equestrian fashion. Since then her aim is to produce sustainable fashion that is functional enough so that you can use it as a professional who rides way more than 1 or 2 horses a day and sleek enough to be worn also outside the stables.

In my opinion this mission was accomplished. I tested myself now for a few weeks the Kudamono breeches, shirt and jacket and not only that I absolutely love the look and fit, I wore them almost daily, washed the pieces several times and as I am always short in time threw them to the dry tumbler (luckily mine has a special denim program) and everything stayed in perfect shape.

What I love most, is that the Kudamono garments are cut very thoughtfully with many clever details, for example the jacket’s front zipper is a bit shorter in order not to scratch the saddle. The materials are (in my opinion) unique: comfortable, smooth and stretchy like the denim shirt, that indeed feels like a jersey one.

So I am sure you will see Kudamono on me quite a lot as I am so happy to finally have found my denim love ❤

Have a look yourself on http://kudamono-company.com/shop/






Get to know my sponsors and favourite brands part 4: UHIP functional wear

In this part of my mini series about my sponsors and favourite brands I am very happy to present Swedish equestrian fashion brand UHIP. Last winter when it was in October already really freezing cold I scanned my fellow Scandinavian Instagramers to see how they are generally surviving the daily training at freezing temperatures. So I found UHIP and soon after we started working together, which literally saved my life, as all the items are not only chic and fitted but also highly functional and super warm.

Who founded UHIP (who stands behind the brand) and why (what drives you)?
Ulrika Falkman, a hobby rider who loves smart functional wear made of good outdoor material, that allows to enjoy outdoor activities despite cold temperatures and rainy weather.

What is the company’s philosophy?
We want to offer equestrian sporty – yet feminine wear with smart functionalities.

What materials & technology do you use and how do you test it? What is your policy concerning environment and recyclable materials?
All our collections are made from high tech materials only, that withstand harsh weather. We do not use natural down and only use eco leather. As well as all our fabric’s DWR treatment consists of no hazard chemicals that are effecting the environment. And we have a special recycle program for old/used Uhip clothes to get a new usage for them.

What are your plans & goals for the future? Are there new products planned?
We are consistently working on our design development and functionality, testing our collections in all kind of outdoor activities and becoming more and more Global. Our goal is to be the number one brand for Equestrian high quality functional wear! So horseback riders can enjoy riding out, train and just look fashionable and good in Uhip no matter what weather.

in the pics: pre-f/w collection 2017
just a little preview of the winter 2017 collection (the official shooting will be soon and I am so excited as I love the collection)

Get to know my sponsors and favourite brands part 3: Noel Asmar Equestrian


Having a bit of a fashion background I love my riding outfits to be not only functional but also chic and sleek. So I was more than happy when I found Canadian fashion label Noel Asmar and their equestrian fashion line Asmar Equestrian. You have seen the outfits in almost every of my posts as I wear them daily. I love the high quality of the technical fabrics, that are breathable, light weight, sun protecting (SPF 50+) and depending on the product super cozy and warm for training in cold winters (like the cashmeres). But most of all I love the sporty, sleek cuts and fit that is for me just on point.

I feel very honoured that AE‘s founder and CEO Noel Asmar herself told me a bit about her brand.

Who founded Noel Asmar equestrian (who stands behind the brand) and why (what drives you)?

I have been a lifelong equestrian enthusiast, and my journey towards launching Asmar Equestrian actually began with my hunt for the perfect barn jacket. Living in British Columbia, Canada I needed a jacket that could withstand our rainy weather, but that was also stylish and flattering both in and out of the saddle.

I realized there was a void in the market for premium functional equestrian apparel, and when I couldn’t find what I needed, I decided to make my own! With over a decade of experience manufacturing premium uniforms for spas and resorts around the world, I was lucky enough to have this access at my fingertips!

We proudly launched Asmar Equestrian in 2011, and The All Weather Rider Jacket was awarded the “Most Innovative Riding Apparel” Award at BETA in its inaugural year at market. In six short years we are proud to have grown the line into two seasonal collections, partnered with a number of top show facilities around the world and had the honour of dressing the Canadian Equestrian athletes at the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics.

I continue to be inspired everyday to empower people through design. I strive to create unique, functional and stylish designs that enhance the wearer’s experience.


What is the company’s philosophy?

We design for fit and function, ensuring that every style is made for the way you move. Purpose driven designs and transitional pieces that offer style in and out of the ring using only premium fabrics that breath, stretch and move with the rider, we are proud to offer sizes from XXS to 3XL to suit everyBODY.


What materials & technology do you use and how do you test it? What is your policy concerning environment and recyclable materials? 

Rooted in wellness, our brand model is to offer thoughtfully designed styles that consider the entire equestrian experience. Our sun shirts, and most recently some of our show shirts, include a UPF50 sun protection treatment to ensure we offer the highest level of skin care. We are continuously looking for innovative new fabrics that enhance the equestrian experience. We are known for our outerwear, and offer a number of water resistant styles that have proven to offer 10,000 MVT/10,000 WPR. We are proud to manufacture a majority of our product volume locally within Canada, and vet our international vendors extensively to ensure premium quality materials and practices are followed.


What are your plans & goals for the future? Are there new products/lines/etc planned?

We are always looking forward to “what comes next”. We just launched the Noel Asmar Equestrian Fall/Winter 2017 collection and are thrilled with the industry reception so far! We continue to take our client’s feedback every season and build on the brand’s vision to create innovative new styles for the equestrian lifestyle – both in and out of the saddle.

We also proudly launched Noel Asmar Collections this year, a premium women’s fashion line for the wellness traveler. Timeless silhouettes that transition through any season, we were inspired to create this collection upon the request and encouragement from our equestrian followers. Accompanied by our growing line of Italian leather handbags, belts, boot & helmet bags, we are proud to offer something for everyone!

Here are a few glimpses at the new collection which you also find on asmarequestrian.com



Those who follow my social media will recognize many of the looks and know that meanwhile I wear my AE outfits on almost all occasions… -yes even during my short diving trip to Croatia 😉




I absolutely fell in love with the beautifully handmade and bespoke dog collars, leashes and halters by Taustil. Every single piece is made to measure, comes exactly as you wish (colour, fabric, size, details, etc.) and is just exquisitely finished.

But have a look for yourself at the even beautiful website: taustil.de

When I chose the colour combination chocolate-orange I thought that these Hermes-vibes would fit Keksi very well, but the truth is, it looks gorgeous on chestnut Bofi as well as dark bay Fürsti… oh and not to forget Fluffy & Sookie 😉






It’s spring 2017 with the new uhip collection!


Finally even in our place in the mountains the snow has melted and just in time the new Uhip spring 2017 collection came out!

Super lightweight slimfit jackets, quilted bomber jackets and the range of all our beloved Uhip stuff like beanies, wind & rain protecting skirts and quilted sleeveless jackets. The collection comes mainly in a beautiful navy and beige with pale pink or white details which seems this spring’s vibe. There is also the classic mid layer jacket in my at the moment all favourite colour ‘pink lemonade’, you have seen it already on many of my posts as I love this super bright pink!



Silver surfer Friday

Usually I am not too much into bling bling and glittery stuff, but when I received this BR Equestrian Equipment and ANKY parcel I was in love.


Keksi got this very new ANKY collection saddle pad which has therapeutic airflow panels providing an even distribution of pressure and an perforated (mesh) spine in order to guarantee the airflow. Also it features, like in the collections before, the sticky ANKY logo so your saddlepad will not slip (which was a bit the problem of the first generation’s pads).

As Keksi at the moment has a training’s pause the silver BR Equestrian air tech tendon and fetlock boots came very handy. Because I really wanted to support his tendons, I did some extra bandages underneath (a trick I learned from the Polo players). To complete the sparkly silver look we added our really blingbling ANKY overreach boots.

I got the BR ‘Monroe’ riding breeches in black with full microfiber seat, that features some very nice and sparkly details too. I loved the backside pockets and most of all the great fit.

The silver ANKY sporty chic jacket -not my words but the actual name of this ultra light weight, material mix jacket with a beautiful slim fit, is just perfect for training at these milder temperatures. The front is done like a windbreaker and the sleeves and back are made of very comfy, stretchy ribbed cotton.

But the one thing you will need to really complete this whole look and add the last bit of extraterrestrial silver glamour are the BR Equestrian sparkle shiny snakeprint gloves!


Chestnut update on the Spring 2017 PS of Sweden preview

Everyone loved the pale pink Monogram set by PS of Sweden on Keksi. -Everyone? Well, a few were in doubt if the colour would work on a chestnut. So yesterday Bofi got to wear the beautiful set -which only will be out & in the PS of Sweden online store in two weeks (because so many have asked where to purchase it) 😉


I do not know about you, but I absolutely loved the pale (dusty) pink on Bofi’s liver chestnut colour. I will not do a ‘who wore it best’ and for the first time I truly regret that I do not have a grey stallion in my stable because I believe this colour combination would definitely rock!

So for all of you desperately waiting for the release of the pale pink Monogram set I will do my very best to keep you entertained and distracted for the next two (looong) weeks and let you know first when it finally will be in the PS of Sweden store.

xoxo Nicola