Horses & Philosophy

When we built our stable I had a vision: I wanted a place that would provide all amenities possible to train young dressage horses and such a limited number of boxes that would allow to have as much time for each individual horse as it takes.

I thought of something like a tiny luxury hotel and boarding school at the same time. A place where every horse would feel safe, at home and part of the family.

Due to the fact that my own two horses are stallions and to the limited space I unfortunately cannot take in any mares.

This project is now on and running for not even 2 years and I love the work every single day. My most beautiful moment is when I am doing my last check-up at night and see all the horses cuddled in their beds…

Please do not hesitate to contact me for requests either via email ( or mobile (+43 664 2370299)

Currently I am very proud that the following future prospects (& my 2 Shetlands 😉) are stabled at Stall Wetzlgut:

Horses I am proud to have had at Stall Wetzlgut for training & schooling (former client’s horses):

In loving memory to my first Grand Prix horse, my one and only