Bavarian Warmblood
May 15th 1995
Dark Bay
Lineage: Donnerschlag-Ambassador

AKA Big D or just D



Sadly Dondolo passed away on May 16th 2017 due to a heart failure. I miss him like crazy, here is his story:

Dondolo came to me in 2007 for Rehab because everyone told me he was not rideable, he had problems with his back, probably arthrosis in the hind legs, etc. Soon it turned out I really liked this grumpy, highly talented, super clever but also super difficult horse a lot, that had not a single physical problem but was just a bit fed up with his former life. After crying my eyes out for the first months because I was not able to even ride simple transitions from walk to trot, suddenly everything went very fast. Dondolo learned all the Grand Prix movements within a few weeks and we started proper training.

We competed successfully in Prix St. Georges and Intermediate I in our first season reaching nearly 70%, especially our Intermediate I level freestyle was Dondolo’s favourite.
Due to some struggles with Piaffe which just was not his favourite movement we trained with Johann Riegler in Vienna for a year and then started to compete Grand Prix level.
The thing with Dondolo is, that he is super smart and will try his heart out for me, but he also has his very own mind and he just does not like shows and competitions. Sometimes I had the feeling of pushing a block of concrete through the test, so after two seasons that went okay but not spectacular I decided to retire Dondolo from competitions.
Now that he is 22 he still loves to work every morning and as to say: ‘See I can do it if I only want to’ he will do the most beautiful Piaffes at home…
After his fun workout he will spend his days with his two best friends, Joshi and Lara –our two Shetlandponies, on the paddock.