Fürst Frederik 2


April 21st 2006
Licensed and Approved Stallion
Lineage: Fürst Heinrich – Silvio I

AKA Keksi


We bought Keksi in autumn 2010 at the Oldenburger Elite Auction, because I just fell in love with this black beauty.
I trained him up to small tour level (St. Georges/Intermediate I) on my own and started competing in season 2016.
During our 3rd show we qualified for international competitions, our 5th show was the CDI in Hagen, GER. Keksi was placed 12 times this season scoring almost 70% in Intermediate I.
Although he is a breeding stallion, and likes to let everyone know when arriving on the showgrounds for example, he is the cutest most gentle horse.
We have this special connection, he just knows what I feel or want and it works the other way around aswell.
Keksi also loves to show off, training at home is quite okay for him but when on the showgrounds he will seem to grow. He is not spooky at all and if focused you could drop a bomb (or a mare) just in front of him and he would not care.
He also needs his home routine on competitions which not only includes preparing his bed like we do it at home, having his favourite feed, carrots, apples and bananas with us but also going for walks, grazing etc. Plus some competition ‘extras’ like for example Gummibears which he just loves…