Joshi and Lara

Jet black Shetlandpony gelding born 2002, Dondolo’s first and best friend. Loves to jump cavaletti, perform circus tricks and does eat everything, like literally everything… and he is very much in love with Lara.
Jet black Shetlandpony mare born 2003 and Joshi’s look-a-like (or was it the other way around?), rescued because the owners wanted to sell her to a butcher and is as we discovered old Shetland aristocracy.
Her pedigree is so good that the Austrian Sheltand breeder’s association contacted us to have her entered in the Shetland studbook. They even traveled to Bad Gastein to have her licensed as a premium mare…
She is of devious character, she loves adult humans but despises children and dogs and although only 80cm of height will tell Dondolo (who stands at 1.76) and Joshi what to do and when exactly –and poor them if they dare to not obey :)))