Inside Wetzlgut -edition 2 & 3

Time flies, and Inside Wetzlgut number 2 and 3 already took place.

I am so happy to have chosen this small format, because it really gave us the chance for very personal, individual and detailed discussions. Also I had the chance  to get to know every single one of you ☺️

Next weekend on the 26th of January 2019 there will be the last day of Inside Wetzlgut -for now, but as everyone loved it so much I am quite sure some new editions will follow whenever my this year’s rather tight show schedule will allow it.

Because the last 2 weekends had been so much fun I wanted to share some of the best moments with you ❤️


Happy New Year 2019



Happy New Year to all of you!

First of all I want to wish you a very happy, successful 2019 full of joy, luck and health for you and all your four-legged friends.

Lately I totally neglected this website as I was feverishly working on a new project which I hoped I could launch end of 2018. But as I am the perfectionist you all know, I was not satisfied with the outcome so it unfortunately will take a little longer than expected.

Anyways I will try to keep this website updated as good as possible. In any case you will be totally up to date if you follow my Instagram @nicolabaurdressage and perhaps this site will give just a little extra insight to my daily life and routines at Stall Wetzlgut.

I have updated the horses section, especially the ones new to this website Upsi, Didi and Floris.

And what’s happening next:

On three weekends in January I am very happy to welcome a tiny group of Instagramers to spend a day with me at the stables, see our daily training as well as grooming, feeding, etc routine and ask as many questions as they can think of. This was this years xmas present to my followers… but to everyone who will not be there: please do not be sad, there is much more planned for this year so just stay tuned & you will see 😉

Beginning of February I will have my first competition. It will be the preparation for the international qualifiers beginning of March and I am rather excited. Upsi will compete for sure, but we will still see about all the others -will keep you posted on this too 😉

xoxo Nicola